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[Win7] Best remote option? (USB-UIRT?)
I'm trying to determine what my best IR option is for the new Foxconn Nettop I'm configuring. I was using a serial based IR option from an old Pinnacle TV card I had years ago on my old HTPC, and it worked fine but the Foxconn has no serial port.

So...because of my addiction to SLickdeals, I currently have the following already:
- TiVO IR Receiver/Remote (Part of the Hauppauge HDTV USB pack)
- ATI Remote Wonder (RF Based remote)

I also have All-in-One remote I can program as needed (it's a JP1 remote).

I was trying the TiVO remote but...for some oddball reason I can't get certain buttons to work - even using EventGhost as many have had success with. For some reason, they just don't register in event ghost even though they pass commands to Windows (for example, pressing left moves the cursor left but event ghost captures nothing for that keypress via the HID plugin - but it captures the volume key press and some others).

Any thoughts? I'm debating trying to install the straight MCE remote commands into my All-In-One remote to see if the TiVO IR receiver will work with that code set...but still want to see what my other options are.

(BTW: USB-UIRT will solve all problems, I realize, but it's $50+ freaking dollars...which I find insanely expensive)
It's "expensive" yes but will make up for it in versatility and ease of use in the long run. Your time is worth something too. Solid piece of hardware with great range/sensitivity. Very glad I got one once I committed to having a htpc. Just my 2 cents. Big Grin

[Win7] Best remote option? (USB-UIRT?)00