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Ratings for Songs in Song Information view?
First i would like to say that Night is my permanent skin. What an incredible job. Thank you.

I have a question in regards to rating songs. I have several smart play lists that are dependent on the rating setting. (Google Preferred Pepper Play lists for more info)

I am trying to set the rating on an individual song.

How do I do that? When I go into song information, there is no ability to change (or even add) a rating. Now there is ratings that I have not set in the album view, but I can assume that is for the entire album, not the tracks.

Any suggestions would be helpful. This feature works on other skins,
Looks like I started coding it up then forgot, Tonights changes I finished it...I also had the "Rating +" focused when opening the window so you don't have to move around to get it, its already focused, think thats how people would like it..


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Thank you thank you thank you....

I am learning the benefits of working with open source! Great Programmers!

Keep up the great work

Ratings for Songs in Song Information view?00