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White screen (disable flash hardware 3D acceleration)
Hello All,

Newbies here.

I tried to play videos (avi, flv, etc) in XBMC, a white screen comes up, but with audio. This is the exact same behavior when I try to view flash videos in the browser and do full screen (white screen with audio as well)

Normally, in the browser, I have to unclick "3D Hardware acceleration" in order for the flash videos to display full screen.

But I can't seem to do that in XBMC with right click to have the flash setting come up. How do I configure it so that 3D hardware acceleration is disabled?

Some system info would be nice. What video card do you have?
Main - Intel E6750 C2D (2.66ghz)/Geforce 240
Bedroom - Intel E3300 C2D (2.5ghz)/Geforce 210
Guest Bedroom - Acer Revo 1600/ION LE
Test Desktop - Intel Q9300 C2Q (2.5ghz)/Geforce 9600 GSO
I forgot. It was a real old one I bought back in 2003? (Maxtor I think). CPU AMD XP 2100. Does not support hardware acceleration 4 sure.

It's just that I took a look at the XBMC log and it seems like XBMC is falling back to Flash (even the white screen looks exactly like when flash is in full screen mode) and I know for a fact that flash does not work in full screen with 3D hardware acceleration on my PC.

Just curious if I can turn off that switch..... or I'll have to get XBMC to launch my KMPlayer, maybe that's a better route? Since KMPlayer plays everything nice and smooth on my pc.

Your gpu doesn't support pixel shaders 2.0, has nothing to do with flash.
Thanks Bob. I guess that log confused me a bit.

Anyway, I'll have to configure KMPlayer to play them then.

lmxu Wrote:Anyway, I'll have to configure KMPlayer to play them then.

Or use an OpenGL build of XBMC instead.

Install the latest DirectX runtime of Microsoft and graphics card drivers first. If that doesn't help, your card it too old for XBMC.
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White screen (disable flash hardware 3D acceleration)00