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[Mod] Larger Fonts

I tweaked the fonts of the skin 'Backrow' for a better visual experience, especially in larger rooms / halls or for people which desiring this. Smile

There are three Levels (aka 3 mod-files) which are enhancing the font sizes in three different steps.
Level 3 is the largest fonts-possibility. Laugh

All files included:


I've also included a backup.
Just rename one of these files to font.xml and you're fine.



btw, It would be cool, if the backrow-devs could implement level 3 into the backrow skin.
That sounds cool. Do you have a solution as to how to go about doing it without breaking anything else??
I am not sure about how to include it into the skin, but , but maybe anyone is able to point out the right code-lines.

I just know, that I'd made already such a mod for Aeon65 (few months earlier) and from then it was also included in every SVN-Release of the Aeon65-Skin.
As in using JUST your mod as new default, or meaning there is an option in the skin to switch between the ones?
Nice to see people adding to the skin. Out of interest, in case people weren't aware, there already is a larger fonts option - selectable in appearance settings.

The only problem I can see with this mod is that you would have to manually rename each font file when you wanted to use it. The way you would need to do it for it to be selectable in appearance settings would be to add the new font sizes as a subset of fonts in the original font.xml. Also this will only work for 720P resolutions - for anyone using the skin under 1080 or SD setups it wouldn't look right.

If I get the time soon I will see about if I can use these in a more integrated way.

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