[LIVE] revo r3610: how to auto-mount SD cards?
i'm using LIVE 10.8, brand new install yesterday.

my external HDs seem to be mounting and unmounting correctly (95% of the time) however nothing happens when i put an SD card in the slot in my revo.

i removed nodiskmount from the grub ini file already.

do i need to install additional drivers/packages to get the card reader working? anybody else had this problem before?
I have a similar problem that I'm trying to work out. I think there's an issue with nodiskmount in the latest builds that people are slowly becoming aware of...
NotShorty Wrote:Removed nodiskmount anywhere it appeared in \boot\grub\grub.cfg and \syslinux.cfg

Mounts my IDE drive fine, but my 2 SATA drives aren't being mounted. Am I missing something?

If I go to "System info - Storage information" I can see
/media 931.5 GiB (1TB SATA)
/media 0.1 GiB (system reserved space?)
/media 298.0 GiB (320GB SATA)
/media 232.9 GiB (250GB IDE)
/live/image 3.5 GiB (4GB USB, used for XBMCFreak boot disk)

But as you can see, all the HDDs appear to be mapped to the /media directory, and if I navigate to that directory from the file browser, I can only view the contents of the IDE drive.

Sounds like your problem may be related to the card reader on your Revo, but check out the following thread for manual mounting of NTFS drives (I haven't had time to try it yet, but please reply if it works).

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hey man thanks for your reply.

actually, i came back to this thread to report that with the latest xbmcfreak (xbmcfreak-10.08-svn31632-lucid1), SD card mounting is working properly.

it wasn't, however, working with the previous version (xbcmfreak-10.08-svn31495-lucid1). not sure what changed in between.

edit: i have actually noticed that my IDE drive is mounting 100% of the time, but i usually have to unplug and replug my SATA drive once or twice to get XBMC to recognise it. strange. once it's mounted, however, it works perfectly.
Cool, glad it's working for you Smile

Haven't really had time to work on my prob, but xbmcfreak-10.08-svn31632-lucid1 still just mounting my USB boot disk and 1 HDD... Fingers crossed - I just got a new 1TB WD Black Caviar and I want to have my 2 x 1TB drives mounted! Hopefully this doesn't require rolling back to XBMCFreak v14.

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