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won't down tv banners

crazy me searching for 'not downloading season thumbs'
But my problem has to do with the Remote App from Android instead of XBMC self. The banners are perfectly visible on my tv-screen, but not on my phone.
*bump with solution*

My solution is: Export your library in seperate files, most importantly do this for the thumbnails. In your series-folder search for folder.jpg and rename them all to banner.jpg. This was my problem. I came to this solution, because I saw in the issue-list someone who was asked for a log. Sow I emailed the log and saw he was trying to fetch banner.jpg instead of folder.jpg. Now all my TV Show Banners are showing Smile

Show version:
1. export your library in seperate files
2. search in your series-folders for folder.jpg
3. rename them to banner.jpg
4. enjoy your banners!
What if you have folder.jpg and banner.jpg in your tv show directories (I use both types of views)?
Then the remote should fetch the banner.jpg, but perhaps you'll have a different problem. It took me a week to fix mine :o
Still having dramas with this. I keep clearing the cache and re-downloading the banners. I get some banners and some posters. The next time I do it there is no guarantee that I will get the *same* banners and posters. I've even tried doing it while copying a file to the same hard drive to ensure that it is spun up at the time. I must have cleared/downloaded at least 20-30 times without getting it resolved. I don't get it - why doesn't it work?Sad
A remote tries to download the file named "banner.jpg" from the directory where the TV show is located. If that file cannot be found then downloads the cached image from the XBMC. The cached image is what the XBMC gets from the scrapper and generates when you add the show into the library. It is a banner or a poster depends on the scrapper settings.
I get that. However, *every* one of my shows has the structure:
[Show folder]
   [Season 01]
      Episodes here.......
   [Seaon 02]
      Episodes here......

I use an external media manager to make sure I have every type of file needed depending on views.

Why does it sometimes get banner.jpg and sometimes folder.jpg? Sometimes when I clear the cache and re-download, a banner.jpg I had previously downloaded shows the folder.jpg. I don't know what more I can do?
Are you pulling your data for the shows locally or from the web, the ones that I created on my own follow this model:

TV Series Name---Season #(Folder)

In the TV series Name (Main Folder) I have Folder.jpg fanart.jpg and tvshow.nfo

Hope that helps

What media manager do you use? I am using EMM for movies and as far as TV goes I use it only for the shows I Create. For any other series I pull from thetvdb as the tv support in EMM is still in its infancy.
I use Media Companion to scrape.

Ok. Here's what I should have done a while ago:

Here is a log of the remote trying to scan the banners.
XBMC is RC3 on a Windows XP machine. Remote is v0.8.4-beta1 (rev 703)

Does this help at all?
According to the log there are couple of banner.jpg which cannot be downloaded and the application falls back to the image cached by the XBMC
Can you confirm that these images are not exist?

E:/TV Shows/QI/banner.jpg
E:/TV Shows/Scrapheap Challenge/banner.jpg
E:/TV Shows/Scrubs/banner.jpg

The definately exist. Imageshack has changed the names. They are called banner.jpg in their respective folders.
I've spent some time today to investigate this problem. There is a confirmed error in the Android operating system such as the image decoding fails sometimes when the network connection is slow. I'm busy finding a workaround but meanwhile let me ask you how your network structure look like? How is the xbmc machine connected to the network and how is your android remote?

That's my network. All media on the HTPC is stored on a USB hard drive attached to it.

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