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How to install XBMC Live to USB stick
My Acer Revo turned up today so I have been trying to get XBMC on it.

Its sole purpose in life is to run XBMC.

It came with Linux Linpus or something. I may install Windows XP or similar but I want to have XBMC run from USB stick.

I used XBMCFreak's version but the partition options were a bit odd. All I wanted to do was install it to USB (The USB stick I was running XBMCFreak's software) is this possible or do I need to install to a 2nd USB stick?

Anyway, I picked an option and it made a partition on the internal HDD. Now when it boots up (without USB) it asks me to run Ubuntu, or Linpus. If I choose Ubuntu it then proceeds to launch XBMC.

Can someone please explain in simple terms how to install XBMC Live to a USB stick so when I boot up the Revo with the USB stick installed, it runs straight into XBMC.

I also want to install SVN version of Live (is it possible to install 9.11 and upgrade to SVN?) as I want some of the newer features I'm used to on my windows install.

I want it on the USB so I can plug it into my laptop and drop new skins in etc.

I dont know linux and I dont know linux commands. No

Thanks for any pointers.

(Yes I have looked at the guides but most are old and so only partially useful)

How to install XBMC Live to USB stick00