[WINDOWS] DirectX not available after switching sources on TV
I hope someone can help. Its not an XBMC problem but it prevents it from working.

I have Win 7 Ultimate (32bit) on this system:
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300
Motherboard - Asus P5Q Pro
Memory - 4GB
Graphics Card(s) - Asus EAH4550HD, Asus EAH3450HD
Sound Card - On-board
Monitor(s) Displays - Samsung T220, Liliput 10in, Samsung PN42A450

I use to have XP up til a month ago running XBMC with HDMI to my TV with a Gefen HDMI Detective Plus I bought last April in the middle to ensure the PC gets a constant EDID signal (had some problems with EDID signal dropping). I have Windows 7 now and all seemed to be working fine up until a few days ago. While watching XBMC on the TV, I'd loose the signal for 2-3 seconds on occasion. I narrowed it down to the Detective Plus as a possible cause. I removed it and didn't get a lost signal after. But now when I switch sources on the TV, my desktop displays blackout for a second with the connect/disconnect sound. That is ok but DirectX is now no longer available. It seems a connect/disconnect of the TV results in DirectX becoming disabled. I have to reboot to get it enabled again or sometimes a System Restore.

I reconnected the Detective Plus again with a new HDMI cable to see what happens. But I am at a lost for this DirectX problem.

Any ideas?


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[WINDOWS] DirectX not available after switching sources on TV0
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