$50 to set up xbmc with the aeon plug ins and all that multiplex thing with the info

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jtap06 Wrote:Wow here we go again..why don't you actually leave when you say you are ekim? No one needs your snide remarks here. I think we can all agree you are better off elsewhere with that attitude.

I would love to see your new setup Audible!

thx man. im a noob so that kinda comment is expected but whatever no beef hereBig Grin

This my awesome Movie Library [Image: 07142010031.jpg]

pretty fouking cool i love xbmc..

my TVSHOW library wish it was like my MOVIES im having hard time with some stuff[Image: 07142010018.jpg]

this is link to the threads i posted if you guys happen to know whats going please have a look


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Lookin' good so far! I will have to post a video or some pics of my setup some time soon. You may want to take a look at Media Companion, a program for setting up your movies and tv shows - it may be a little easier to get your tv shows set up using that.
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