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ReQuest functions

i dled xbmc 9.11 and use pm3-hd skin and im really happy with both Smile.
so here are some requests (sorry i dont use xbmc really long and i cant get skripts to work Sad ). so here are some requests:

1) i also tried the aeon skin and there was something i really enjoy, but missed within pm3, aeon tags the episodes with the correct (english) title (instead of s02e02). couldnt that be done with pm3 too?

2) function to delete some tags from the musik folders (like for the mp3)

3) function to delete some entries in the mainmenu (e.g. photos)

4) implemention of imdb-rating next to the movie

5) splitting of video section into movie and series

dont bash me Big Grin and keep on improving this cool skin
1) ?
2) not a skin thing
3) already in the latest version
4) should already be there unless you sort by something else
5) already in the latest version
k, found the database option for the video section and now i got some problems:

- my movies are 2 times there (each movie 2 times)
- tv series (mostly anime) arent there anymore, i mean just the folder but no files within the folder (big bang theory is working fine, e.g. the pacific nnot)

-where could i dl the uptodate version?
-couldnt the imdb rating be shown where o want it (dragable Big Grin)
The Latest version is downloadable from within newer XBMC (and needs it) you just need to download the nightly build of xbmc then install it from addons
okay thx, i thought stable is better Smile but ill try the nb-version
is there a possibility to show the imdb-rating in the databse/fanart layout?
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