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Connection issue?
i have tried everything i can think of and surfed the forum for the same problem i got and nothing works to fix my remote well the remote parts works still its the now playing and anything other than remote buttons that dont first it was i try to pull up my library and it would tell me socket time out now its connection refused ports are forwarded even though no need to considering a little while ago everything on remote worked and ports werent forwarded then im using latest updates maybe that is problem i dont know but not to long ago i had to reset my phone since a keyboard app wiped out my skype one all together then is when remote gave me probs new phone with 2.2.1 update
Having the same issues. When i go to http://<xbmc>:<port>/remote I get the login screen actually but once i log in it says file not found.
Well I only payed with this app for a short time since it is not really want I was looking for (I have a remote already for my xbmc and this does not allow me to carry a list of my movies with me). I started getting the IO error but that was because I forgot I already had an application running on port 8080. you may want to look up netstat and see if something is already using that port. if so try a different one.


PS to all playing with this... it is not a good idea to port forward from external unless you know what you are doing. most people will leave there log on as xbmc/xbmc or no password at all. if people portscan for 9777 or 8080 they would be able to log into your library... and from there, who knows Smile
Easiest fix for me was deleting the MAC Address from all '0's to a blank space, worked right away.
(2010-07-22, 20:37)StarChild Wrote:
barryfell Wrote:I have no problem connecting via Wi-Fi in airport mode.
Now thats strange!

I'm having this problem too, and i also can connect to wi-fi in airplane mode. This app was working fine for me last week.

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