which movie+tvsho manager?

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There are many media manager and i can't find best one for me ...
i would like it to have mymovies support and wok automatically like metabrowser or media center master does - so i put movie folder to monitored directory - with this name Star Trek (2009) [1080p, BluRay.1080p.x264.DTS-WiKi] and it then automatically creates specified files for xbmc and mymovies (well, media center browser can do this, but i can't specify files that i want to use with xbmc ie. only folder.jpg, no movie.tbm etc.) and i can't use its interface for tvshows. Do you know some alternative?

UPDATE: or some that downloads information for XBMC only, mymovies is not required, i will use two applications if needed.
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