osd buttons and other things
I was messing with the addons and noticed this skin in the list and tried it out. VERY impressed by 80% of it but theres a few things that let it down. Would it be easy to mod it?

things like: osd while playing videos: back strip could do with being less tall, more like confluence. Button images bring the skin down quite alot.

The tv shows show banners; there any chance you could add a second set with posters instead, as banners imo look... meh. And of course the posters are streched out as they show as banners.

Just my opinions! other than that a very beutifully put together skin. Any mods that do these things perhaps?
Thanks for your input. What don't you like about the OSD button's, we've got a lot of compliments about them to date? Of course we understand you can't make EVERYONE happy all the time but just wondering. Smile
The TV Show banner is one of the views, you could simply try another view, with the skin settings set to "Use Poster's for shows" (or something like that) which i assume you already have set.

We can take a look at the idea's though. All input is always considered. Doesn't mean it will happen, but that's what's made this theme so popular, is that it is mostly tailored from idea's all from the community here.
i must agree with the OSD Buttons.
They just dont fit into the Theme.
Something more transparent maybe and not so colorfull.

Apart from that,its in my opinion the best looking skin.

Maybe some more Views for Tv Shows would be cool Wink
I have to agree with the previous users, regarding the OSD-Button-Thingy.

Right now, its looking decent, but I am sure that we're able to create something, which is far better.
Of course ubuntuf4n, no offence, but you normally do have negative things to say when posting for the most part, but for the other user, I'm open for some idea's then. Those we have been using were created by hand from scratch and a lot of time was involved to get them the look they now have. Compared to a lot of mediacenter's, i got idea's from those, which is what inspired me to make something similar, as it gave a polished and professional look.

But if it's not doing the skin justice, Some one else can do some mock ups and we can critic those. I am up for changing them if there are some made that are better suited and better live up to the expectations. Or if you just want to tailor the current ones in ways, that's cool with me too. I'm open. I've had other suggestions in the past, and modified them to fit and ended up with the ones we now have. They DO actually fit, as in theater's there are usually a lot of metal trimmings, and metal theater pole stands, which is why they have a part metal look, hence actually keeping to the 'theater' theme, the base for this skin. Smile
djdafreund, I fully agree with you,
we can only do something, if we have at least some mockups.

I was just meaning, that there is always room for improvement,
and after all if we don't like a change, we can always revert things ;-)

Best Regards,
thats true, i was just meaning when someone says things like "the osd buttons really bring down the them alot." doesnt say much, what don't you like about them? why do you think they are bad enough to bring the them down? what style or type of design of buttons do you like? how would you change them? stuff like this is actually being helpful bto possible get them changed.
if 90% of the people like them and only 10% don't, its not likely that won't change, but if its small changes that the majority will still take to, something might be done about them.

its like if a chef serves a dish, the customer just says i dont like it and leaves, its not likely the chef will change anything if they guy didnt like it because it happends to have s rpinkle of a certainingrediant that the customer doesnt happen to like. Make more sense?
Basically, I would be very glad if the buttons were far larger,
even if we would stay with buttons and the style, this would be a point which would be good (imho).

Furthermore a little bit of transparency in the osd-menu (brighteness-/contrast-control) would be nice.
What do you think about scaling them up ?

btw, just to clarify: I really appreciate your work, nobody should overreact, because we're all loving the same thing.
This is my favourite skin, I am trying to do my best regarding feedback and suggestions :-)

It's all fine, i am just hoping to get a little behind what's bad if someone is saying it's bad. We like feedback, but if it's negative, it doesn't help us at all to say it's bad, with no reasoning. If you want bigger button's, that's just a skin code change which controls the size. No biggie.

We like getting feedback, bad or good. But if bad, just some incite as to how we can make it better if it's something the majorities agrees with.
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