Few questions
First of all i wuold like to thank mcborzu, it's my first time that i use xbmc and i think he did a fantastic job with this skin, it's awsome!!

xbmc is very easy to use, but i got a couple of things that i need help, i read a lot the forum, but i didn't find all the answers that i needed...

first thing: there's an option to activate the fanart next to the pause button? i can't find it...

second thing: which is the best way to named files before they are scanned?

simple examples, mkv files, "avatar", i should name it "avatar.mkv", or it's better "avatar (2009).mkv" or in another way? I should put it in a folder called "avatar" or i can leave it in the main "Movie" folder?

I apologies if i didn't post in the right section, and thanks...!!Laugh
i'm not an expert on this naming things and media manager. guess the best would be to name folder moviename.source and file moviename.source.mkv where source is dvd, hddvd or bluray for the source flag. what else it scrape from the file\folder i'm not sure of.

if u get files as rar from the scene i would just keep it as is and not unpack since xbmc plays split files.
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1. Alot of the views have a fanart option. Or maybe elaborate on your question....

2. I would follow this guide and I recommend setting XBMC up in Confluence first then when you get the hang of how XBMC works then switch to other skins.

All .mkv's in one folder is fine, though I'd atleast recommend putting the year next to the title, I perfer separated by folders:

Avatar (2009)/

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Thanks a lot for the help...

as for the first question, what i mean was this...Image

The fanart when i paused, i don't know where to activate...
thats poster.jpg... you can download/scan your own poster.jpg, or ybmc can search it for you, and you only have to choose...: in database mode, go to the movie you will prepair, press "i" and then choose "thump"
:rofl: greetz DanielOcean :rofl:

Thanks a lot, i solved all of my little problems...thanks...!!!
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