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"Dummy" TV Shows
For all the skinners out there - here is a folder of dummy TV shows I made because I got sick of scraping all the time - these dummy files allow you to add the source offline (XBMC will get the info from the nfo's rather than tvdb).

I find it pretty useful and it took a while to make so I thought I'd share.

It is a bunch of TV show w/ season folders and empty avi files which I then scraped and exported the library.

I then edited the tvshow.nfo for each show and removed the <episodeguide> section so XBMC doesn't try and update from the interwebs plus added some fake fileinfo details for the testing of media flags (even though the avi's are empty xbmc will get the fake file details from the nfo's).

Just add the folder as a source, set the content and XBMC will import all the shows/episodes info/thumbs/fanart etc and you can test away.

The reason its 30mb is because it has the fanart and thumbs included.
Thank you very much for sharing this!

"Dummy" TV Shows00