3D stereoscopic support

it would be nice to have 3D side by side support build into XBMC, now I have to use a specific program like:Stereospic Player

It would be nice to have this feature integrated, so you can whatch 3D trailers and movies with any 3D glasses and even without 3D TV.

3D side by side trailers can be downloaded here :

thank you
IIRC, the Devs said, that this is not going to happen soon, at least it's not on the roadmap.
As we have said before there are 2 ways it could become a possibility.
version A is:
1) our codecs need to support it, i.e. ffmpeg mostly.
2) You need to find a way to send the 2 images needed to the graphics card seperately or their drivers need to have some way for us to use. As I know this does not exist except on extremely high end cards, those used for 3D screens in the industry. Nvidia Quadro for example.

Version B, which is the more likely way.
Nvidia adds support for it in some way easily used by us, and they do the decoding as well. I.e. tweaks vdpau to handle it. Its still very unlikely to happen in XBMC as we still rely on OpenGL to be able to handle it since we go from vdpau -> opengl which not all apps need. So unless we do it "hacked" we probably still need number 2.

All in all, its out of our control. When any of the versions are available, THEN we could talk about developers who are interested in doing it.
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Maybe Full 3D support for XBMC is not an option right now due to its complexity and limited number of final users.

But now that 3D TVs are getting wider acceptation and that it is common to find 3d mkv files (side by side image) that can be easily interpreted by all 3D TVs (all of them have some sort of manual activation that allows 3D configuration) it will be nice to have some limited support.

I (like I assume many others) am using XBMC to reproduce 3D movies. I just reproduce a side by side (or up/down) file and then activate manually the 3D option of my TV. The thing works fine.

The only catch is that when ever I activate the menu I get it spread across both eyes so I have to blink to be able to move around.

The other thing is that I can't activate subtitles since they split across both images and the TV can't process them fine.

It will be nice to have some kind of 3Dplayer mode option that will make XBMC to pint the menu twice to allow proper handling in 3D mode.

For subtitles I know that it depends on the player but it will be also nice to be able to print the subs in split mode so the TV can understand...

Just for the wish list...
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Do a quick forum search for 'stereoscopic'. There's some handy info out there...

As far as i know, XBMC can play half SBS 3D files ok without framedrops, etc. Subtitles need to be hardcoded. Softsubs will not display correctly.

I believe you just need to start the half SBS movie, then switch your tv to 3D if it hasn't automatically switched.

Obviously the XBMC gui won't be in 3D so if you exit out the movie and don't switch 3D mode off on your TV, then the gui will be all over the place!

Oke indeed, full 3D is far away but if we could something working like.

* Subtitle in 3D support(example addon option?)
* Short menu when movie start with SBS and other formats(with files that have included SBS etc...).
* Send trigger to tv to start 3D.

At this moment my own mediaplayer works like this, but layout is crap and xbmc is the best.
But bought the Asroch 3D vision as it was supporting 3D but forgot to check if media centers supporting this.
Have now still 4 days left to brng it back .....but if somehow there is comming plugin for this i keep the Asrock
(2012-03-23, 23:21)JvdMeer Wrote: * Subtitle in 3D support(example addon option?)

Support for 3D subtitles would be very nice Smile
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(2012-03-23, 23:21)JvdMeer Wrote: Oke indeed, full 3D is far away but if we could something working like.

* Send trigger to tv to start 3D.

That for me is the most obvious and most missed function. I find it truly annoying to switch manually (and after watching switch back manually again).

Has anyone seen any function like this with any other player or any other way.

While it feels so obvious, I didn't get the sense that many share my feeling when I googled and searched this and other forums.

Any thoughts?
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Seems all working on adroid media player with 3D support,

* Xtreamer Prodigy
* TizzBird F30
* IconBIT XDS73D
* IconBIT XDS1003D

My self i have at home the Xtreamer Prodigy and for testing the "ASRock Nettop Vision 3D 137B 370M", ASRock just send back.
Waiting first if some media center software is ready for 3D support, hope XBMC getting this one as it is frist place after Plex.

Did saw a addon on Mediaportal,


Seems that this is working, still beta but a start ....
(2012-03-24, 03:02)zYxMa Wrote:
(2012-03-23, 23:21)JvdMeer Wrote: * Subtitle in 3D support(example addon option?)

Support for 3D subtitles would be very nice Smile

I think if we could shift the subtitles to a left alignment, they could be seen correctly in a 3D side by side movie. But I can't find any help on doing this. I only can move the position of the subtitles, vertically.
yep. stereoscopic subs much needed....
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