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Cdart location
Whats up guys awesome skin here. I'm having a little trouble locating where to put my cd covers at, could somebody share the location of where to put cd covers so when I select my music album they start spinning instead of the default one thanks.
The cdart image has to be within each albums folder in your music library.
To learn more, click here.
Oh okay I see, so what does the typical setup look like - - ...Music\Artist-Album\cdart.png ? or Music\Artist\Album\cdart.png?

Thanks for the reply
Both should be alright if your tags are complete. The preferred/typical way would be the second, I guess. It works for us.

/ Edit: gifties script is very handy. ;-)
You can check out my script:
it might help..
Okay thanks guys for the help, I appreciate it.

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