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No artwork/covers
Hey guys,

Incredible app - so glad we finally have a GOOD one for the Android userbase!

Everything is working fine and dandy except cover/art downloads.
I go and update them, lets say TV Banners for instance, and it says "Downloading 12/12". It completes and I go to the TV Shows section and nothing. This is the same for movie posts, actor shots, etc.

XBMC is on XBOX and the latest build (from 7/08/2010).
Android device is a Droid Eris, and have tried multiple ROMs.

Anything I'm missing? Any suggestions?
I dont know if there is something additional I need to do since its XBMC on XBOX.

Also, where are the covers pulled from? Are they from the XBOX? Or are they downloaded onto the phone?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah the TV covers downloads seem to bug all the time. See also here:

I'll try to find some time soon in order to fix this. Sorry about the updates being slow, but the weather is so nice outside Wink
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