OSD and Video continuation Issue in XBMC in ATV

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Sad  OSD and Video continuation Issue in XBMC in ATV
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Hey everyone.

I want to first off apologize for my noobness! I've sat and searched thru the forums for two hours to find a problem similar if not identical to mine and have yet to find the relevant thread. For some reason my searching abilities absolutely suck in forums!! So please bear with me, I do not mean to break any forum rules.

As i mentioned i am a bit of a noob and need some help. I had XBMC installed on my apple tv which updated to a new version (by itself) and got rid of XBMC. I inserted the patchstick and got the launcher menu to reappear and installed XBMC 9.11 (that was available in the menu) on to the apple tv and got it working again.

My problem is as follows: I use to be able to click on the Play/Pause button on my apple tv remote and the OSD would open up and allow me to do watever i wanted. This does not happen anymore. (the closest solution i've been able to find is that u have to hold down the play/pause button for a bit and then u get the OSD). Also, whenever i use to hit "menu" on the apple tv remote, the video would continue running in the background and would appear in a little box next to the list of files. This no longer happens either. As soon as i hit menu the video stops. (i can resume playback from where i stopped but i'd like the video to continue running in the back like it use to).

I've gone thru all the settings and I can't seem to find anything that can change these 2 things. Is there anyone who can help?

Please remember, that i do not know any technical know how (i.e. terminal) or jargon when posting answers/solution. I may not be knowledgable but am not a complete idiot and follow instructions extremely well. I made the patchstick thru the instructions i found on wiki. (sure it didnt work 2 times, but i got eventually got it working!).

Making a patchstick may not seem like a big deal but for sum1 whoz never ever used an apple product (let alone owned one) it was quite an achievement.

Please be patient if i ask stupid questions.

Thanks in advance for help.
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really? no one knows what to do?
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Apple moved some things around on the last atv update, so the IR remote buttons had to change. Try searching for "AppleTV keymap", I know some others have worked around this.

You do know you can prevent the AppleTV from updating. key words are
"AppleTV /etc/hosts"

MediaInfo : http://mediainfo.sourceforge.net/
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