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How do you revert to the default skin?
I apologize, I searched the forum for a while but couldn't find anything that helped me.

Problem: Tried installing Aeon and it failed, I tried the uninstall but that failed as well. It didn't load completly but it still managed to put an entry into XBMC somewhere. When I went to the Appearance settings and was going through skins I happened to select the failed Aeon installation. My screen went black and I was unable to change it to another skin.

Now when I open Aeon it comes up with a black screen and to the right the date and time in white text.

This is the most recent download of XBMC on Windows. I saw some stuff about editing the guidata.xml (or something close to that) but I can't find that and think that may be Linux specific?

Anything I can do to manually change the skin back to Confluence?
You have to delete guisettings.xml that depends on which system you are running. Win7: user:/documents&settings/appdata/roaming/xbmc

try it.
Thank you! It's right where you said it would be... or at least close enough:

Windows XP path: C:\Documents and Settings\shardinite\Application Data\XBMC\userdata\guisettings.xml

Had to show hidden files to get to Application Data. Closed down XBMC, removed the file and restarted XBMC. Back to normal.
for later if anyone searches; you don't have to remove the whole guisettings.xml, simply opening it and removing the <lookandfeel><skin> line will make it revert to default.
for (even) later if anyone searches:

Specifically with the Aeon skin you used, you probably didn't have any fonts in the "fonts" folder within the Aeon skin. This was a common problem with the older versions - the fonts were left out due to copyright trouble. If you download the "fonts" from somewhere (search the Aeon forums), put them in Aeon/fonts and then reload XBMC, it would look normal.
Have a question? First try the XBMC online-manual and FAQ. Also: How to submit a debug log
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