[Feature Req] Local and Remote addresses for hosts
It would be great if there was a Local and Remote address for hosts.
Or alternatively a setting to enable prompt user for which host on start of app.

At current, if I set-up port forwarding to the EventServer on my XBMC set-up the Remote Control feature of XBMC Remote doesn't work over the Internet (only Listing and Selecting movies/music/vidoes does).

I am assuming that this has something to do with the EventServer because everything works fine when I use the local address of my XBMC set-up.

This may sound silly but I have a scenario to explain:

I am at the not at home and I want to download some content via my android (using Transdroid) but I can't remember if I already have downloaded the content, so I open XBMC remote and have a browse.
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[Feature Req] Local and Remote addresses for hosts00