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Just a big thank you.
Big thanks to everyone at teamblackbolt. You are all doing an excellent job developing ellipsis and xperience. Keep up the good work.

Thats pretty much all I wanted to say.
thanks Smile ...and dont forget Fusion too Wink
Agreed, just got the latest xbmc build up and running on my main rig with 40 inch LED tv and ellipsis is the one that defines what quality is about.

The distilling of quality imagery, with a single purpose. Please do not take to many 'ideas' for the next release, because IMO this is where things begin to break down.
Thanks for the kind comments guys.

garyi, don't worry, I won't go nuts with Ellipsis, everything in moderation!
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Thanks for the kind words! We do this stuff for everyone Smile

Just a big thank you.00