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Alaska revisted Clearart Genre NEED HELP
Ok another little project i am working on is this for Genre Landscape view..
It has Clearart PNGs and Background Fanart


But I am stuck I can not remove the default Icons from the back If anyone can help i would be very gratefull
Thanks again.

Apart from the Default Icons you can see in the background this is working :-(
I GOT IT....
Clearart Genre Images with genre fanart


With fallbacks as defaults.


I have REALLY played with teh Landscape.xml File as ive changed my Movies and TV layout but If anyone really wants this
I can make a clean copy.
Yes please Smile
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Do you know what the "Thank User" button does? :)
Pr.Sinister Wrote:Yes please Smile
LoL I am more then sure you could do this better then me :p
But heres the files PLEASE back up your Viewtype_Landscape.xml before overwriting with mine I have added the Fanart and Covers just drop them into your media Folder.

Alaska Fanart/Clearart Genre 23.5MB

This is the same file with the parts commented out instead of deleted just in case.
As you can see the Clearart is central here as I cant move it without changing the other views.

Viewtype.Lanscape.xml 2KB


Alaska revisted Clearart Genre NEED HELP00