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[REQUEST] A ready-made xbmc for noobs
The current method of downloading and setting up of xbmc is daunting for many noobs (including myself), hence we end up with many common questions being asked.

I think it would be very helpful to many of the noobs if we had a single, reasonably latest, downloadable, installable file which was ready to go with most of the popular skins, plugins, backgrounds. This file could maybe updated once every month or two.

It'd also reduce the load on the forum with the common questions. Cool

What do you think? No Nod
The skin/plugin issue will be solved with the new addon-manager, since you can install them right from within xbmc, making things alot easier. I don't think maintaining some giant package that includes third party stuff we have no control over, is manageable.
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thats fine guys, thanks again...hope ur not gonna mind, but i'm gonna keep my thinking hat on and will continue posting any ideas that come to my mind (even if some of them are rubbish, lol!!)
sure. third parties are of course welcome to invest effort into this.
There are a lot of guides on how to get started, anyone who found XBMC should be able to find either guides or find out for themselves.

And if they found this software through a friend I am sure that person will be able to help also to spread the word of this nice software.
I fully concur with Clumsy. With the exception of some small details, the upcoming Addon manager should make the entire xbmc setup a one or two click affair.
I'd be more than happy to charge any "noob" a nominal fee to build them a SFF box that is more than capable of running XBMC, as well as playing any 720 and 1080 content without issue if they feel they are less than capable of searching the forums and learning how to use a new application. Big Grin
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Yeah. And they could make it so new you could consider it.. LIVE! That's the ticket.
i made an installer with aeon65 included (and the needed plugins/scripts)
not exactly what you want, but I thaught it might be interesting for you.
it´s built from trunk (not dharma branch), so backup your database folder before (and install it in a clean directory) here it is.

(if it is not allowed to build and share something like that, let me know)
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i'm still confused with what version is the best...trunk or dharma?
Dharma should be more stable (although the trunk seems pretty stable too atm) so use it at your own risk
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In principle it's a good idea, but in practice it won't work.

I made such an installer using XBMC in portable mode that I could quickly deploy on friend's PCs.
It even works with 'virtual' sources, so I can remap the sources to wherever their content is without having to change XBMC... (Vista and 7 only).

BUT... a typical installation and setup of XBMC is 30 minutes max. Sorting out their content is DAYS work (usually). And no nice installer can fix this issue.

One of the nice things in setting up XBMC from scratch is that it helps you to learn how it works. A prebuilt install leaves the end user unsure of what 'file mode' and 'library mode' mean.... and 'what is a source?' etc etc. In the end, it raises as many questions as it fixes problems.

[REQUEST] A ready-made xbmc for noobs00