Fix suggestion: X of Y EPISODES WATCHED

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Lightbulb  Fix suggestion: X of Y EPISODES WATCHED
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There is a bug in the TV Shows views. When in "Show Only New Videos" mode, the total number of unwatched episodes is shown where the total number of episodes should be presented.

For instance, if you have a TV show with 46 episodes, 12 of which are unwatched, it's gonna show "34 OF 12 EPISODES WATCHED" when in "Show Only New Videos" mode.

In IncludeLibraryInfo.xml, changing
on lines 206, 294, 904 and 993 seems to fix the issue.
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Nice one, I hadn't had a chance to get to this yet. Its things like this that we need from our users, thanks for the input I'll add it to the build asap.

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