[MOD] UK BBFC Ratings Support
I'm not sure if this has been implemented into Xperience at all, I couldn't find it myself so I decided to make a MOD for myself and the rest of you UK users to incorporate UK film ratings.

This is mainly stolen from Fultotop's Confluence Mod here but I edited the Xperience XML's to fit this skin in particular



Download is here:

UPDATED: Fixed a bug (XBMC LIVE only) where upper case flags weren't being recognised.

All you need to do is unzip the package into your Xperience folder and merge the 720p and Media folders.

I'm not in any way a graphical kinda person so if anyone has the time/effort to make some flags that are similar to the Xperience media flags then be my guest, I'll edit the file and re-upload it.

The way I get my UK ratings is by scraping my data through Ember Media Manager and changing the settings to scrape UK ratings instead of MPAA.

THIS IS MY FIRST MOD, so I cant really help at all if you guys get stuck but I'm sure somebody in this forum may be able to help if you post your issues.

edited the link, forgot to change one thing in the XML
I might actually add that to Xperience 1.1 good work man Smile
thanks man, I've just realised that there are a couple more views that don't show the UK ratings plus I only just noticed the full screen info doesn't show it either. Hopefully I might have some spare time coming up and I'll finish it off.
Any progress on this? If so, Please post any further mods here http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=70165
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