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RenZ0R Offline
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Can I have both in a folder? or better yet, is it possible to scrape and get both, currently I have Poster view, but if I change skin that looks better with widebanners instead I end up with squished poster instead..

is there a way of naming these correctly If I download them manually to the folders?
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Flomaster Offline
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would be awesome if the two files were named differently and you could have both in there, I wonder if that is doable.

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Sranshaft Offline
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Some skins are set up to work with both images. Alaska by Hitcher is a prime example of this where banners (wide icons) are named banner.jpg and posters are folder.jpg.

Until XBMC adds the ability to have multiple images (planned I believe some time after Dharma is released) this is the best way to do it and I hope more skins keep this naming convention in mind.
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