Setting subtitles from within plugin
I'm trying to make a plugin which can display subtitles from the internet, however they are in the timed text format. I believe that I can transcode them to SRT on the fly, but I'm not sure how to get XBMC to find them because my media is not local (e.g. it's an RTMP url) and neither is the subtitles.

What would be the best way to do this within a plugin?

uhrr, yes. see the pydocs.
I think it is currently limited to assigning a subtitle to a player that has already started. I don't think it it currently possible to do this for a listitem feed to adddirectoryitem or setresolveurl. I put in a feature request for this. Maybe I missed something though.
no, you're correct, the player needs to be running.
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Setting subtitles from within plugin00