Please fix {\a6} on SRT subtitle!
Hi. The new Dharma XBMC is great. A lot of good features and fixes. However, please fix {\a6} tag on SRT subtitle (external subs) to display on top as it should be. It still become a problem from the first time I use XBMC. Please please please fix it. I know you will fix it easily.
Thank you.
non-trivial, we don't have position control for the overlays. solvable but not easy.
Thanks for your fast reply. I know you can. Just a thought that it may become one of the feature that will be add in the future. No doubt it will be small but best feature that many XBMC user will be excited for it, especially those who like asian tv series.
I know one day the internal player of XBMC will be better than media player classic.
any good news about this feature?
alexcw194 Wrote:any good news about this feature?
XBMC is currently in feature freeze for the Dharma release. I think this will have to wait for the next one (Eden if I'm not mistaken).
thanks for the info. Will be waiting for this feature.
what if you convert that .srt to .ssa? Just an idea, dunno if this will do the trick Smile
Haven't try it yet. is there any good converter from srt to ssa?
it seems that the standard is srt. most of my series are asian drama that use a lot of {/a6}.
The other way around is using mpc Smile however, I like XBMC better for the quality of the movie.
Hopefully, Eden will have this feature. It said to be complicated to implement this feature.
If you guys working for Eden, please don't forget to fix this feature. Thank you so much. More power to XBMC.
any good news on this feature on the next version?
news of this feature?
yeah, any plans on this?
7 years later and i'm still waiting for it, any changes??
Necro post of the year (and I don't even know what this is about!)
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don't know what {/a6} is?? a6 is a command that makes a line of a srt subtitle to be shown on top of the screen, either if there are 2 people talking at the same time or if the character is talking in a different language and there's english subtitles (so the 2 won't be on top of each other)
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