Help with 5.1 sound in Windows 7.
Right, I have just about had it with my Revo 3610, please help me with some answers.

I have the following setup:

Onkyo R380 amp
Sony EX503

I have tried a number of setups, both in term of various OS (Windows 7 and Ubuntu (10.04)) and:

R3610 -> (hdmi) -> Onkyo -> (hdmi) -> TV
R3610 -> (hdmi) -> TV + R3610 -> (s/pdif) -> Onkyo

I can play 1080p no problem, and running XBMC I have a great machine.. However, I am unable to get 5.1 audio sent to my amp. (both HDMI and S/PDIF gives me 2.1 sound, but not at the same time, which I would ideally want, but thats further down the line).

So I've got a couple of questions:

1) Can 5.1 sound be pushed to the Amp through HDMI?
2) In Windows 7, which drivers should I use? (I gather the realtek drivers are for S/PDIF, and NVidia for HDMI?)
3) In the properies for the HDMI output audio device (using Nvidia drivers) it says it supports 6 channels, yet every test possible I have done gives me 2.1 sound.. The funny thing is, the Amp does change and display the correct logo (DTS/DD, etc). I have the same problem when running XBMC, 2.1 sound, but Amp displays the correct logo.

I did use to have 5.1 through S/PDIF (in Ubuntu) after spending days tried to get it to work, but a ubuntu update must have stopped it from working.

I am not bothered if Im using Windows 7 or Ubuntu, I just want 5.1 audio to work again!!

I know this is a very common problems with the Revo, I have spend days reading through of other people with similar problems, but none of the suggestions I have come across works for me.

Please somebody give me some pointers, I dont feel like wasting another day on the floor in front of the telly trying to get this to work.
I have virtually identical setup revo3610, win7 x64 ultimate, onkyo HTS3305.

setup pc-hdmi-onkyo-hdmi-tv. 5.1 always worked fine

Make sure in addition to the nvidia ion driver you install the nvidia hdmi driver, then check in settings>system>audio you have it set to 5.1 and enable options for reciever supporting dts, dd, etc....

then play a file with 5.1 and make sure the onkyo is on a movie mode that supports 5.1.
Thanks Craig, atleast I know what I am trying to do is possible. :-D

I am pretty sure I have installed all the drivers required (got them from the Nvidia website, under ION).. When I go to configure the HDMI Output I can see 5.1 as an option (only when using the Nvidia drivers), but when I play the test only front L+R works.. When I play a AC3 surround test file I've got FR+FL plays both Center and Back speakers.

I will remove the drivers and try again tonight..
The only thing to watch is on the nvidia driver site it's easy to miss the seperate hdmi driver as it auto populates everything when you select the ion chipset.

When you go to the download page make sure you get all the options in the third drop down for video, chipset and hdmi. I don't think you'll get multi channel sound until you have the ion video & hdmi installed successfully.
Craig: As our setups are nmore or less identical, could you please tell me all the settings you have under settings/audio? (audio device, passthrough, etc)
will try to get them for you tinight
I appreciate it Craig.

I re-installed all the drivers yesterday, and although I could see the 5.1 speakers under HDMI Output in Windows a test would only play stereo.

I am still hopeful XBMC is able to play 5.1, with the correct settings.......
Here's screens of my settings...



If you'rsome troubleshooting ideas if your not getting surround (apologies if there obvious and you've already done).....

Are you getting no sound from rears or copy of front speakers?

have you any other 5.1 sources connected that work?

have you used the level config on the amp to test each speaker outputs on correct channel?

If always mirroring front speakers have you checked that outputs definitely in correct outputs (there's two sets of front outputs) and that speakers aren't set for a&b multi room thingy?

Is reciever definitely set to a surround mode for the pc input?

if it's the same in windows test I'd doubt xbmc will be able to do anything to get surround so make sure you've trouble shot the reciever first, I had it for a while when I'd incorrectly set the sound to direct I think and wasn't getting full surround because of it. Let us know how you get on.
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Help with 5.1 sound in Windows 7.00