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Plex Nine Skin Rip
Hi all,

I have a Mac Mini that I use as my HTPC. The problem is I use Windows Media Center 24/7 under Boot Camp. So as seeing as though Plex runs under the same architecture I thought I would see what it would be like to rip the skin from Plex to XBMC.

I managed to get it to work however when I am in the main menu I can no longer see the Movies and TV Shows menus.

I have uploaded the theme ripped from Plex Nine for everyone to try and hopefully find a solution for my problem.

Skin Screenshot from Plex app via


Download Link:
Are you sure it even has them on the Home screen?
On the Plex app on mac it does have Movies and TV Shows on the main menu, but when i ported the theme to XBMC the items aren't on the XBMC menu. I tried going into the Appearance menu in the setting to see if I could enable them as a menu item but they did not appear.
From what I heard, the the way the home menu works has been changed quite a bit in Plex 9. Such as the home menu always needing to have a specific ID. Also it seems to be shares based. So there's probably a bunch of incompatibilities you're going to have to set your teeth in.
And you do realize plex skin is just XBMC's Mediastream skin with a few extra bits
Jezz_X Wrote:And you do realize plex skin is just XBMC's Mediastream skin with a few extra bits

Yes I do, but for some reason the Plex 8 skin appealed to me more.

So has anyone had any luck trying to get the Movies and TV Shows working in the menu.
If your using the latest XBMC try this one
or if your on older get the official one (not my Mediastream_Redux version) and it will be exactly like Plex 8

Plex Nine Skin Rip00