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Post here if you are using Shade
Not on Repo? Thats where I found it and this skin is what I use on both my Macbook Pro, HTPC server and livingroom htpc. Also wifes and daughters computers use this skin.
Currently i use it on my Revo as its runs smooth on this machine but the recently added on the home screen needs to vanish or have a toggle to only update on launch, on entering home and on down (when down is pressed).

bar that i love the skin works really nice and looks nice to.

OK modded the skin to only have recently added in the new window (as i hate the pause on the revo as its running the script) now when you select the middle (home) button it will load the script and load the window, when disabled, the middle button will be none click-able. (i.e. it doesn't load the window)

Don't have an HTPC up and running yet, but I'm testing Dharma on my desktop in the meantime. Shade is exactly what I'm looking for in a skin - love the style.
+1. Awesome work! Keep it up!
Used to use Rapier, then recently tried Aeon but didn't like it, Shade is the perfect balance between the two! I'll be using it from now on!
Using it and loving it!
Using with Dharma Beta 4.....Officially my new favourite!!!
I have been using it for about a week. It's a great skin!
just change to shade...great work!

but i think the background is too there a way to adjust the transparency level?
I'm currently testing it out and really liking it thus far. I'm searching for some more details as to the various settings now.

it's my current skin at home, i think it's really well designed. If I had to give a little criticism it would be the music views are very limited, i would like to have seen stuff like

under the list view
a time counter for the track under the album cover
currently playing under the album cover

home view
a time counter for the track under the album cover
track x of x under the album cover

love it Smile

thanks for all your hard work

I'm completely sold on this skin now. Many thanks!

It combines many of the features I could only find in multiple different skins into an awesomely polished whole. And, it still adds a few features I have yet to find elsewhere (like the TV guide!)

I LOVE this skin. It is so polished and smooth with great functionality to boot. I'm particularly impressed with the TV logos and the "Play Trailers" function.

I was wondering if there was an option to change the default selection behavior in the Movies library from "Play" to "Movie Information"? If not, that would be my request.

I was thinking that i could be no more fantastics skin after aeon & night, and just come here to look around, and Puf!

Wonderfull skin, well a little tricky trying to figure how to use it and etc. But after that, it´s look good. It have some social media air... The first time that i saw the home panel, i was thinking, it hat a connection with facebook? XD

I just have to see a little more, i discovered a hidden view, that it look auwsome!!!

Just one thing, it´s me or the default icon are looking really bad? pixeleated...
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I've started using it. It looks beautiful. Can I ask what the default font is? Looks like Futura to me but not sure.
Never mind I've found that it's Walkway

Post here if you are using Shade00