love this skin.. ok here's the but.. is it possible to change the background on the weather as I don't like the default clapper board..
go on make a fool of me and tell me its in the settings somewhere Laugh
THanks, and glad you like the skin. You can change the image if you want to, just grab the SVN, and inside the images you will see the clap board image, just change that to what you want, and build a new one (run the batch file to do this automatically. Enjoy!!
thanks for your help..I've found the weather clapper board last thing where do i find the batch file..
No prob. If your using the SVN (newest of course), it will be the only one in the root folder of the skin folder. Run that after you change the image.
There's no batch file in the SVN anymore djdafreund - remember that was one of the things we had to pull to get Backrow into the repo.

Here's a replacement Linky - Just extract this into the corresponding skin folders.
Ah, that's right. Sorry about that. I do hate giving bad advice. Wink I do remember now, one of those strict restrictions requested to abid by the rules. LOL
thanks for the link Sharpe.. for a min there I thought I was going mad..
thats the other thing I like about this skin is you only have to ask and people are only too willing to help out..
thanks again.. now to have aplay with it
Hey no worries - feel free to post what you create if you think it looks cool Smile
ok Its me again being a pain
how do i download the whole SVN as one folder tryed saving link as.. just saves it as a html doc..
sorry again for being a dim wit..
but i do promise to show my results when done
Hi - no worries.

If you're not using an SVN client you can dowload the whole thing from here.
cheers Sharpe
well the pressure now on after all these questions and help..
I better make this look good
thanks again for the help
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