metadata: if set also use "name" properties for audio & subtitle streams
currently, xbmc displays only the language information in the audio track / subtitle selection dialog. it would be convenient if xbmc not only parses the "Language" but - if present - also the "Name" property and uses this information for the audio/subtitle selection.

please consider the following two use cases:

Multiple audio streams with same languages:
Audio #1:
  Name: (not present)
  Language: eng
Audio #2:
  Name: Commentary by director xy
  Language: eng
Audio #3:
  Name: Commentary by the cast members
  Language: eng

Multiple subtitle streams with same languages:
Subtitle #1:
  Name: (not present)
  Language: eng
Subtitle #2:
  Name: hearing impaired
  Language: eng
Subtitle #3:
  Name: forced
  Language: eng

in both cases, the selection list is only showing "english" three times, making it hard to see what selection would have which playback effect. if the "name" metadata information would also be used, for example prepended, the selection lists would be much more meaningfull:

English - DTS 5.1
English (Commentary by director xy) - AC3 2.0
English (Commentary by the crew members) - AC3 2.0

English (hearing impaired)
English (forced)
Any update on this?
Very useful feature. Hope someday Kodi should have it
This is already possible for external subtitle files (possibly audio tacks as well) via the file name for the subtitle, for example: you
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metadata: if set also use "name" properties for audio & subtitle streams51