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Show CPU/GPU temperature, Windows 7, Asrock 330 ION
How do I get XBMC to show the CPU and GPU temperature on Windows 7 with an Asrock 330 ION PC?
Hmm, the silence means it's not possible?
I don't think this is built into XBMC. In the Windows version it could be done using the WMI interface or something similar to query the hardware status, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. There are so many different types of hardware and GPU that I suspect covering all the possibilities would be a lot of work.

You're presumably remembering that the Xbox XBMC displayed this information. In that case there was only one hardware platform to support!

djon: As Jhsrennie said, not possible without some kind of script or addon.

Just take a look at the program speedfan for windows, one of its main functions is to monitor temperature and setting fan speed. Still it far from support all types of hardware.

But it would be a nice feature :-D
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Show CPU/GPU temperature, Windows 7, Asrock 330 ION00