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Hi Folks,

Has anyone been able to to install XBMC on the ROKU HD box?

Maybe a Channel on Roku


Ripped out everything and install linux and installed xbmc on it.

Please let me know I am interested in that little box with XBMC.


here, have a read
OpenElec Standalone --> Asus Chromebox 'Panther' --> Onkyo TX-NR709 --> Sony 55" X85C Android TV (also with Kodi!)
Asus Chromebox EZ Script
Kodi on Sony Bravia Android TVs
Something interesting you might want to check out - get involved now since it's still in beta testing stages - they are trying to figure out ways to get dlna type services to work on a channel in roku. Some at the roku forums themselves are going all haywire on them though since they see it as leading to piracy, not all the other stuff outside of piracy that it could potentially lead to that would free up the abilities of the roku to really shine the way it should and could.

Contact me at those forums if you need me since I probably won't be here on XBMC's forums too much. Just thought this is something that someone connected with XBMC would be interested in since someone on roku's forums mentioned trying to get XBMC on roku a while ago, and they got shot down fast -- probably by the same jerks that are trying to shoot down noknok as they can't see the forest because they keep bumping their heads on the trees that they themselves planted.

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