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Hey guys,

I've got quite alot of movies in my library right now but still having the problem that xbmc doesn't show me the language in which the movies are. I know that has been discussed in other Threats already so I'm not gonna bother about changing a skin or something.

I've came to a different solution for that problem that should work atleast for me but I would need some help.
So here are the facts:

On my HDD all movie paths show the Language of a movie for example my paths look like that:
(500) Days of Summer (E)
A History of Violence (D_E)
So the ( ) at the ends show me which language the movie is in but well that doesn't help in xbmc since it's only the filepath.
I'm using ember to manage my collection so I thought I could now go ahead and rename every single movietitle so that it will show me in xbmc in the title at the end the language but that would be a hell lot of work.
So I thought why not write a script that goes trough every folder and opens the existing nfo file and adds the ( ) from the filepath at the end of the title.
So I would just reload my whole database in xbmc and hopefully it will show me the title with the languages at the end.

Any thought from you if it could work like that? Thanks
You can try XBNE for this.
You can add Audio language and/or subtitle in title or genre, individually or in multiple edition.
XBNE : XBMC Video DataBase / Nfo Editor
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i had the same problem and wrote a little script, which extracts the language from the path and writes it into the audio part of the nfo file. Works without trouble here, but you have to remove the movies from the xbmc database and readd them (seems like xbmc doesn't notice the changes in the nfo files). The script I wrote is written in ruby and has still many bugs (written only for personal use, the fast and dirty way) but if you want to adapt it to your needs I can post it here. (Tested with ubuntu)

To view the language of the audio oder subtitle files you have to use a skin which displays these Informations.
Thanks for your help guys, luckily a friend of mine will write me a batch script that does exactly what I need :-)
Not sure if I would be able to change your ruby script with my basic c++ skills but thanks anyway.

By the way do you know any skin that displays the language from the nfo?
The main reason for me to put it in the movie title is that I don't know any skin that shows my language flags.
The Alaska Skin displays the language flags out of the box. I like the Alaska revisited skin more, so I wrote a patch to display these flags in Alaska revisited as well:

I don't know if other skins are displaying them too, but read somewhere that there is a similar patch for transparency.
Unfortunatley Alaska isn't working for me since I use xbmc on the xbox.
Somehow I managed to change the xml of rapier to show me the language flags too but the problem I have is that it only shows the language that is in the first audio tag in the nfo file.
How did you handle it, that it shows more than one language or shows a special sign depending on how many audiotracks there are available?
Thats not possible at the moment. The xbmc backend only offers the first language of audio and subtitels. It was discussed somewhere but i can't find the thread at the moment. I hope, this will be implemented in the future releases.

I you want to use the Flags with more than one language, then you could use a little workaround: You could tell the skin to show a flag if a specified string appears in the path name. You would have multiple languages and won't need a bat file.
That workaround sounds great but how can I tell the skin to use a part of the path instead something out of the nfo file?
massaquah has writen a solution for this:

But it could be a problem if the searched string is also part of the normal title.
Had to adapt it a bit to fit my skin and my filepath but it works perfect now, thanks a lot Koshu.
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