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"CDVDPlayerAudio" sometimes restarts while playing AC/3 tracks
I'm running Dharma svn 33532 on Fedora 13:
$ uname -r
$ rpm -q pulseaudio
$ rpm -q alsa-lib

On some of my clips, "CDVDPlayerAudio" crashes and restarts, causing audio+video to stop for a few seconds.
For example, it always happen in HBO shows, just before the HBO logo is displayed. I don't know what's wrong with the audio at this point... I've tried these clips on two different machines (but both running Fedora): always "crash" with same message.
I think all my clips that have similar problem have AC/3 audio (I'm not sure).

Here's a sample that always trigger the restart
And here's the log when this happens.

Is it a issue with Fedora? PulseAudio bug? Could someone using another distribution try?
VLC, MPlayer and Totem play the above clip without any problem...
Should I fill a bug in trac?
I've just tried XBMC dharma beta1 live CD (ubuntu based) and the problem doesn't show up. So I guess something in wrong in Fedora.

Does someone know who to blame?
pulseaudio? alsa? sdl? Now, AC/3 is decoded by ffmpeg, right? On Fedora, the problem appears if I use the internal or external ffmpeg library...

I've also compiled the trunk branch on Fedora, and the problem does show up.

Any help would be appreciated!

"CDVDPlayerAudio" sometimes restarts while playing AC/3 tracks00