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HOW-TO synchronize your XBMC Media Center between every room in the house: Lifehacker
NEW THREAD: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=157572

EDIT (2012/03/06): For anyone looking for info on using MySQL with XBMC v11, go with the XBMC Wiki instructions instead. The Lifehacker link will still work for v10.

HOLY SHIT .... thats to easy..... should i end up with another tv and front end for XBMC I will be using this for sure

Fantastic guide. I need to buy some more TVs and PCs so I can try this...!

No, seriously! Big Grin
Planning on getting my server setup today...was going to try and use the MySQL database. This is a little easier to follow than the thread on it right now. Thanks
That is just so great. Thanks for sharing this tip
maybe i'm special, but i cannot seem to get this to work. followed the tutorial, got my libraries on the remote box, but when i try to play a file xbmc says "this file is no longer available."
This doesn't work for me either.

Part of the problem is that the author assumes that all pcs are running Windows. The other part of the problem is that the author doesn't elaborate on mounting media shares. By this I mean, if my server (also a media center) has my files stored on /media, then when I share via samba to my other computer, then the media locations don't match and xbmc is unable to find the files.

I sent an email to the author (his email is on the lifehacker page) and he didn't get back to me. While this was an exciting article, I have yet to see a working implementation.
Seems like a cool concept but I have too many questions. haah
I have got this working now. I was more interested for the fact its using MySQL. I am a MySQL/PHP developer.

Things to note:
You MUST use a share to add things to the library
e.g. if you have a server/htpc (name Server1) and a separate htpc (name HTPC1), you do the following:

Set up shares for all media
On Server1 add the media locations using samba share, e.g. smb://Server1/TV, smb://Server1/Movies

I have just developed a VERY crude website which checks for episodes that you are missing.

I would also STRONGLY advise making sure that your files are named correctly before setting up the shares on the second machine.
I can't seem to get it working. According to my XBMC.log file, it can't find/connect to my server on start up Undecided XBMC as a result crashes at the splash screen.

2 seconds after I posted it, I got an idea for a fix, and it worked.

the article suggests that in the host tag, you do


instead do


that is if 3306 is the port you're using...
Can xbmc connect to your server normally?

what happens when you restart xbmc? (Not reboot)

It may be because your network connection has not been established yet. Thats if you are referring to your OS startup.
PreviousN Wrote:I have yet to see a working implementation.


Come one over and check out my setup. It works great. I have all me media on a whs vail server sharing via samba. I setup MySQL and also symlinked all the HTPS's thumbnails directory to the server as well. Al HTPCs are setup to update on startup so when I startup XBMC any new media is automatically scanned into the database etc. Since the directorys are symlinked, any computer can scan an item in and all will have instant access to the relevant covers, pics, etc. I can pause a show in the living room and resume it in the bedroom. All media and metadata is consistent across all pc's and it works without hitch.

See this post:

Anyone have a guide to get this working in Ubuntu?

I have installed mysql server and set everything up, but it only works locally. My other computers have no library and are slow.

I guess there is something with rights. I have looked at the bind to ip setting. It was set to, and after trying (local ip) and it does not work in ubuntu localy or remote.

Strangely, now my Win7 PC can use the database, movies and tvshows are there. But they dont work since I use a smb://ip/share/folder/ path.
when i first saw this i thought it would be too complicated but it`s unbelievably easy!!!!

My only "problem" is that the recentlyadded script doesn`t work anymore but i can live with that
Two scripts randomitems and recentlyadded need some changes in order to work.

you need to change everything in the form

xxxxx isnull


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HOW-TO synchronize your XBMC Media Center between every room in the house: Lifehacker1
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