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HDeeTV skin ported to XBMC
the last days i have been working to port (free port) the meedio skin hdeetv (by kevin kelm) to xbmc, and the result is here !!!

at the moment only it works correctly with for the resolution pal16x9 (test xbmc-2004-12-08).


home page:
- the buttonbar is in use for acceding to the options of the home page (my programs, my pictures, my files, my music, ram, my videos, weather, setting and shutdown). these options are the ones that you have defined in the xboxmediacenter.xml

- on all the principal screens will be able to invoke a navigator submenú with the one that will be able to agree directly to the home page, dash, reboot, shutdown, profiles, system info, programs, xlinkai, files, pictures, music, movies, scripts, settings, weather, e-mail, web radio, movie trailers, etc..

- the view big icons in the title screen, will show 3 very big icons, in order to be able to visualize adequately the posters of the movies.
- new distribution of the information of the movie.

- new distribution of the information of the albums.

- complete redesign of the information that appears in the window weather.
- new icons of the weather (the same ones that hdeetv).

music and video overlay:
- besides the information of the song / movie that is reproduced, there appear the images of the available controls (play, pause, rw, ff, stop, etc.)

i wish you to like and wait for your comments.


download: http://www.xbox-skins.net/forums....id=3549
whow its looking really nice on my 28" ws.
i really like it, its fresh, new, relaxing, easy on the eyes.

i like the fact that you get a sort of osd when starting a song, just a real shame you cant use them to control (dont think you can do anything about it...)
the video osd is nice, bit odd, but im getting used to it.
i dont follow you when you say you get 3 posters when selecting big icons. i get 6??
that full sized submenu is cool, all the needed links in one place, accessible from everywhere.
new weather icons and layout are fun too watch, overall a nice 'innovative' skin, good work :thumbsup:

whats that rss? :joker:
no serious, you have the home icons on the left, the menu on the right....looks a bit empty in the center
and that kai window from pm doesnt really 'belong' in your skin i think. you dont use it for the filemanager, but you are using it for kai

will report bugs if i find them in the next days, off to watch a flick now before i go to sleep
looking forward to the ntsc version!
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
looks great, even though i'm european i still look forward to the ntsc version.. (480p makes my life pretty ok) so.. yeah.. but great idea for porting, it looks really really good.
audioscrobbler.com + xbmc = happy kids!
thanks to all for your commentaries.


the rss of the skin is a spanish url. if you want to change it edits the file home.xml and places the one that you want. te kai window from pm i will make it new when he could. the view big icons that shows 3 posters, fits to movies view title.

affini and love_tropicana:

i do not have tv in format ntsc, for what me it is very difficult to do the port of the skin. would be grateful very much if someone wants to do the port to ntsc.
looks great, very promising

but i go with striker, the center of the homescreen looks pretty well empty, maybe the homebuttons to the left and a bigger icon on the right side of the screen.

i'm looking forward to a pal-version.

cool skin,

settings menu doesn't work (yet) ?
works fine? you need a new build maybe?
Thumbs Up 
i think this skin is great. i wouldn't change just about anything. it stays true to the meedio skin (im a huge fan of the skin... not so sure about the orogram tho).

-mp :kickass:

lovely skin. however i encountered a few issues.

in my weather, top right corner. it shows the location and some kind of 'general' forecast. for me it was

light showers
and cloudy.

the 'and cloudy' part was misplaced, half of it was written on the top bar and half of ibeneath it. it look liked the separation between the 'light showers' and 'and cloudy' lines were set to the same as the separation between 'trondheim' and 'light showers'.
hope this makes sense.

also, the spinbox' in settings were funky. this may ofcourse be an issue with my cvs build (11/12 - european style date)..
dunno how to explain the 'funkyness' but if this is a general issue it should not be hard to spot... (wrong adjuster had focus, pushing right sometimes selected the left one..)
project mayhem worked fine btw.

looks really good, hopefully developpers can come up with a new xml tag that could help skinners to display weather info on home.xml... just the way it is in hdeetv Smile
hdeetv updated to xbox media center 1.1 2004-12-17.

2004-12-15 changed: skin version to 1.22 now
2004-12-15 added:   scan for music info in the background, diabled by default, to enable use settings
2004-12-13 added:   new home page with icons in buttonscroller (experimental and optional)
2004-12-13 changed: video osd: new background for movie file name and current time info
2004-12-13 fixed:   align the settings options (buttons, radiobuttons and spincontrols)
2004-12-13 changed: weather: more space for general forecast in top right corner
2004-12-13 changed: new panel for xlink-kai
2004-12-13 added:   context menu to my videos and to my music
2004-12-13 fixed:   strange pause thing shown during slideshows
2004-12-12 added:   possibility to password protect smb shares
2004-12-12 added:   shutdown menu (press the right thumbstick)
2004-12-08 changed: shuffle button in video and music playlist window is a radio button now

download http://www.xbox-skins.net/forums....id=3549
nice :kickass:
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read/follow the forum rules! note! team-xbmc never have and never will host or distribute ms-xdk binaries/executables!

first off, nice skin Smile

now, on the button scroller. i've fixed a couple of bugs. the visible tags weren't being updated correctly for a start. it is working as designed now. the update will be in cvs tonight with any luck.

note that for <homebuttons> in xboxmediacenter.xml, you only need to list 1 <icon> per <button> tag. the other icons in use are just derived off the first one (nofocus buttons are <icon>+20, focus buttons are <icon>+40).

thanks for uploading the skin files so i could test + fix Smile

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
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here is what you need in xboxmediacenter.xml:

Quote: <homebuttons>
<description>my programs</description>
<description>my files</description>
<description>my pictures</description>
<description>my music</description>
<description>my videos</description>

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.
Do not e-mail XBMC-Team members directly asking for support. Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting please make sure you read this first.

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