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Backdrops for Music Genre!
Everywhere I looked on the web I couldn't find a pack with backdrops for musicgenres anywhere.

So I threw together a pack of my own. I know this isn't the greatest looking pack you've ever seen, but it looks better than a black background I think.

hehe what is the odds for that. ur trance music genres is the same as i use for music background. Big Grin
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Try my changes to the Night skin if u like how they looks
Hah, probably not very high because I used the first suitable image I found on google Big Grin
Thanks for the collection this is great!
Now can I place these images in a folder and have XBMC use them in the genre view (Music/Movie>files>Genre) or is that skin specific?

I have searched for days trying each skin to get it to work....

thank for the collection

I presume it was put in the media directory?
But the root or in a directory called "Musicgenre ?

Is for all skin or just for Confluence ?
I use it in Aeon65, but the skin must have support for genrebackdrops. The naming is different for every skin.
download link is invalid

Backdrops for Music Genre!00