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IMDB scrapper not working as before
I've noticed that from some time ago the IMDb scrapper stopped scraping rating, Director, Writer, Genre... I wonder what's wrong?

It looks like it only scrapes the poster and the plot outline. Not even the cast anymore.

It was the best scraper out there and now it doesn't work Sad

I'm using Dharma beta 1 with IMDb scrapper v1.0.13.
1. there is no such a thing as scrapper
2. this is a development forum
3. you provided not so much info to help you out. see
4. we're currently investigating an issue, have a look at this thread for a potential temporary fix:
5. if this doesn't help then post a full debug log as per point 3. and also pastebin imdb page source of a problematic movie (as explained in the thread in point 4.)

1.- Sorry about that, english is not my native language.
2.- Yeah I noticed. That's dumb from me since I have reported several errors before.

I'll post a full debug log in that thread, it happens to me with *every* movie. Even movies that are already scraped with full info, if I select refresh all is lost but the title and the poster.
Before you post the log, could you please try to delete your scraper cache folder as suggested in the linked thread in point 4 above?

I think that the problem is the update of imdb. The layout of the website has changed and there are lots of changes. I addapted some of them but I can't fix others, maybe can change me. This is the strings that work:

Quote:This expression for the rating.
This expression for the votes
<expression>href=&quot;ratings&quot;[^&gt;]+&gt;(.*) votes</expression>
I don't know if this works at all, but I think yes (Tagline)
MPAA Certification:

I only use this in my skin, but I can make the others if you tell me what fields have broken.


PS: Sorry, I didn't see the iMDB post.
This has been fixed (with a work around for now), so if you update to IMDb scraper 1.0.15 you shouldn't have any issues.

IMDB scrapper not working as before00