[Collection] Additional Addons Repositories (Unofficial/Third-Party/Developers Repos)
here is the only turkish addon repo http://xbmc-tr-team-turkish-addons.googl..._1.0.5.zip please add the list..
How do we know what is in all of these repo's? I see the repo name but I just don't know if I should bother downloading these just to know what it in each.

I always am looking for cool addons and lots of special features. So is it worth it to get all or some of these repo's?
can you please add "israeli \ hebrew repository"


Original post needs updating with new URLs and more
Good addon favorite thanks.

Canlı TV
I got seppius repo installed and enabled on one of Android TV boxes with KODI 15.0 but I can't see any addons from that repo. Have no problem on KODI 15.0 istalled on the tablet and have no problem with that on mu other 2 Android boxes with KODI 14.2 Helix. Any idea what is the problem on KODI 15.0 with that?
Many of the German Plugins are from ASDE (who hasnt been Active anymore)
Many of them have been patched from Users.
I made an Repo for them and For Plugins that havnt had an home until now

Only Legal plug ins are allowed.
Some of them are also in the official repo
Does anyone know how I go about adding my wizard build plugin to kodi repo or if I'm allowed at all
My development repository for the Rapier skin and my other add-ons:

What licences can I expect for the add-ons in these repositories? Are there any rules for these beyond that it must not contain pirated material? Is there any auditing additional to the repositories' maintainers?

Are the add-ons in the main Kodi repository all libre, e.g. GNU GPL like the core program (Kodi)?

What is the reason for non-official add-on repositories? I saw that there is for instance a "Uitzendinggemist (NPO)" (Dutch TV) repository. Why would there not be a statisfactory add-on for this in the official repo?

I realise that these are a lot of newbie questions, but it would help me a lot if they can be clarified here. I have looked on the wiki, but I was not able to find answers to the questions above. Thanks for any help.
@mvhulten Third Party means its from someone else. So the License could be anything. 
Audititing could be , but most of the time the is no auditing

The Reason not Putting  in the Offical are diffent , mayby some examples

1. For Developing Addon, and testing
Since a submission to the Offcial Repo Could take some time
https://github.com/xbmc/repo-scripts/pull/691 (Waiting since December for Submission), so third Party Repos are a great Way for Testing
2) You don't want to follow some rules.
For example you have written an "Dutch Addon", that only is for Dutch People. You have to Put all "Text" in a Textfile and have to translate it in English and Dutch. If you dont want to make this efford, you must use a third Party Repo
3) You Dont like some behavor of people from kodi.tv , so you don't want to work with the offical
4) You write an addon for not Supported Kodi Versions, you cant put them in Kodi.tv anymore
5. You Use Transparent Pictures,or somethin isnt conform to other Rules
6) You Want to Track how much an addon is downloaded
7) you write an addon you want money for
8) You want to archive something on your Own
9) The Adodn is Legal, but Uses Parts of an Illegal Addon
10) You extend an Offical Addon with functions, the Owner don't want. So you can Fork it, bit i'm not sure if it would be a good Idea to have 2 time nearly the same addon in the Offical (it the nearly the same, specially when the Original Developer don't like it)

So as you can see the Reasons are quite different. But beware. An Third Party Addon/Repo Could Harm your System, so you should know if the Repo ist trustworthy. The Best Idea is to make your Own Picture of the Maintainer of the Repo
Thank you @lore for the clear explanation on the third party repos! I now understand its rationale.

Concerning the main Kodi add-on repos, I presume that is GPLv2, just like Kodi itself.


Or are other (free) licences allowed as well?
@mvhulten every addon on the Official Repo must have a LICENSE.txt where the License is in . So the License can be different for each addon
Most ar GNU but some are not for example:

CC0 1.0 Universal
MIT License
The GNU Affero General Public License is a free,
BSD 3-Clause License
Copyright © 2017, Crossroads Church All rights reserved.

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[Collection] Additional Addons Repositories (Unofficial/Third-Party/Developers Repos)2
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