Dharma youtubescript, buffer, lag, audio out of sync

Im currently using Dharma beta1 and the available youtubescript doesnt work that good.

A lot of buffering though my 100Mbps connection, youtube works fine on a regular browser.
The most irritating stuff is the lag and sync issues.
Also, Im using Ubuntu 10.04. Anyone else than me having this problem? I can download the videos and watch though, that works fine Big Grin

EDIT: Posted in wrong forum, can someone move it to the right one? That would be nice =)
Hi, Dharma beta 2 is out you should try upgrading, I've only had issues with lag on SD videos with 720p and above playback is usually smooth, but you have to have a reasonable machine to handle the playback demands, although YouTube doesn't exactly deliver blu-ray quality 1080p streams they do require a certain amount of processing power..

I will say one place there's always problems is playback of the first 4 seconds of a 1080p stream on my macbook, but then the playback quickly catches up and its smooth sailing from there Big Grin
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Dharma youtubescript, buffer, lag, audio out of sync00