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ZombieRobot Offline
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Post: #31
whoo thats a big file as jezz_x says little on the large size but nice work on the skin very snappy
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mcborzu Offline
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Post: #32
Jezz_X Wrote:Nice job in making AEON more useable Smile but 242mb ? surely you can trim it down a little

Getting rid of the weather icons/fanart would trim 20mb's- but your skin, your rules...In the future theses packs might be addons themselves but they're just discussing ideas at the moment I believe.

Is regular 16x9 landscape TV thumbs in Multiplex an available option, or am I missing the option?

[Image: widget]

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djgracie Offline
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Smile  Skin Changing Windows dpi setting....
Post: #33
first i want to say way to go on a beautiful coherent themed set of skins.

My only problem, which unfortunalty is a deal breaker for me, is the skin changes native dpi settings when changing the fonts to large. Shocked
I don't find any other skin(including Aeon) doing something like this.

I hope that this can be corrected in a future patch and I will watch for future updates
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Palalisimo Offline
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Post: #34
MarcosQui Wrote:SKIN AEON MQ 2

How to install the skin:[/b]
Download the skin and do not unpack.
Go to the option of XBMC ADD-ONS, choose INSTALL FROM FILE and enter the ZIP file skin.AeonMQ-2-2.0.4.zip site where you downloaded. In less than 30 seconds a message appears saying that the add-on was enabled.

Now with the skin is also the repository Aeon MQ installed that will automatically update your skin and provides the themes for download.


Hello! Im really sorry if this question is stupid, Im kind of a noob, but I cant find the INSTALL FROM FILE option anywhere, Is that only available in Dharma? I cant install it yet and Im using confluence skin for now, but I will love to use Awon MQ2.

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boykster Offline
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Post: #35
@Palalisimo - this skin is Dharma only....
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paul Offline
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Post: #36
Finally a version of Aeon that actually runs smoothly on an asrock Ion.
One small request could you make the textures available please as i would like to add my own backdrops to it (and hopefully make it a bit smaller by reomoving all the light textures with dark textures.

Keep up the great work your doingWink

XBMC Frodo 12 - Windows 7 - Asrock Ion 330HT - Aeon Nox
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pigeldi Offline
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Post: #37
Looks nice, but I am missing more than those two layouts or the option to have smaller covers in the showcase view, so that I see more movies on screen.
When I deinstalled the skin your repository is still there in XBMC. How do I get rid of that?
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marv_el Offline
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Post: #38
this skin is awesome, thanks for that, i was waiting for something like this!
after playing around a bit i have some questions:

- where do i find "favorites" and "file manager"?
- in kiosk mode, when i press up in my movie library, the keyboard for searching appears. when i cancel the search i couldnt navigate the library anymore. have to jump back to the main menu and go the library again.
- the keyboard is in "qwerty" style. any chance to switch it back to "abcde..." style?
- altho i disabled many views, the cpu usage is rather high (confluence around 15%, aeon mq 30%+). any tweaks i still can make?
- the font color for the rss feed is very bright and sooo hard to read. can i change that?

really great work, man!

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Linus82 Offline
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Post: #39
I found a little bug, when switching backdrops on settings from folder, it works great in the home screen, but if i go in to settings the backdrops switch with like 2milli second intervalls.
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lucanoid Offline
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Post: #40
Hi Marcos,

I tried that but it's not working.

I maybe should have mentioned that I am using the old multiplex view. Maybe the mapping is not working as it should for this view. Could you look into it?

As a side note, I don't think that the Kiosk mode should interfere with the trailer function. Or at least it doesn't in the other skin I have tried so far.

Thanks for your help.

Keep it up!
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pixdamix Offline
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Post: #41
MarcosQui Wrote:SKIN AEON MQ 2
New - Skin without black screen and no lag.
Any idea what was causing this ?
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phil65 Offline
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Post: #42
The black screens are caused by the windowopen/windowclose fanart animations (it looks better with a black screen between the windows IMO, otherwise you have a hard fanart transition), the delay in Aeon65 is the pretty much the same as in Aeon MQ 2 (just measured that, I accelerated the animations of course)

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mark007 Offline
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Post: #43
Will try this out, but the only slowdowns I notice atm with aeon65 are during the initial 2-3 seconds, the animation where the horizontal selection bar moves into view. It gives a nice few judders. I don't know if this is an xbmc problem because of largish movie library or aeon65 but cpu / gpu usage is very low so I doubt its my machine thats too slow.

Cheers to all of you guys for these beautiful skins. Pity similiarish aeon skins like this and aeon65 couldn't be merged into one with all of you developers making one super duper skin Smile

I know if I switch to this skin, that alot of the small feature requests I put into aeon65 recently and which were implemented by pix / phil, which I have become accustomed to, will not be found in these newer skins etc...
(This post was last modified: 2010-09-22 14:15 by mark007.)
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pixdamix Offline
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Post: #44
Yup that's sad.

Marcos, if you want to join us on Aeon65, I'll be more than happy to give you commit access. There's a ton of bug and improvement pushed into Aeon65, we'll be glad to have you in the team.
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Linus82 Offline
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Post: #45
One quick question, how do i activate banner mode for tv-shows?
Is it available from start or do i have to do something more?
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