Best Remote for Particular Setup
Without spending TOO much money, I need to accomplish the following:

I have a dual-monitor setup (regular monitor for normal work, hdmi cable going across room to my HDTV). I always run XBMC on the HDTV, but I'm often working on the computer at the same time, so the XBMC window is out of focus. I've read that by using the XBMC plugin for eventghost, it will send commands via tcp/ip, so the focus will not be an issue. However, unless I'm doing something wrong, my gyration remote will not work in this manner. I can't get it to stop sending actual keyboard commands, and I can't get it to interact with EventGhost.

With that in mind, what would be the best remote to get to accomplish what I'm looking for? Shopping links appreciated, but at the least a name would suffice. I'm not looking to spend $100 on a Harmony remote, especially considering I would then have to spend more on an IR receiver. Thanks!
Buy a Microsoft remote on eBay. This is as close to a standard as remotes get in Windows.

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