Comparison of skin features
Updated the wiki to include a compatibility grid.

Still a WIP: Skin_features_compatibility_list (wiki)
I had a plan to make it so that the compatibility table could be populated simply by adding or removing "categories" to the wiki page for that skin. I was about halfway through that when I decided to wait on updates to the MediaWiki software. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem like it will happen for maybe another year, so that means I have to make the best of what I have.

I'll try to come up with something that is easier to update than what we have now. Not that it's "bad", but it's yet another area of the wiki that should be easier than it currently is.

So the question now is, what features do we want to see on the list, to compare? What do users look for to see if it has skin support/options/etc? What's "cool" with the "young peoples"?
(2015-12-30, 10:31)Ned Scott Wrote: So the question now is, what features do we want to see on the list, to compare? What do users look for to see if it has skin support/options/etc? What's "cool" with the "young peoples"?

Hi Ned.

That sounds like a really good idea, and it's certainly about time to look at that wiki page Smile

Some of the current categories still applies, others need to be updated and yet other need to be added.

What still works for me is:
  • Custom home items
  • Artwork Downloader
  • Clear art
  • CDArt
  • Extra Fanart
  • Next Aired
  • TV Tunes
  • Skin Widgets
  • Intro Movie
  • Touch Support
  • PVR

If we include certain add-ons, we should also make room for other. So maybe we should discuss which - if any at all (script.extendedinfo, script.globalsearch,, script.toolbox etc etc).
Most skins use script.extendedinfo instead of the old metadata actors script.
CinemaVision seems more appropiate than Cinema Experience, although I have left support for both.
TV Show Logos should be replaced by "clear logos", to reflect Clear Art and CDArt. Maybe more artwork should be added, like extra thumbs etc.
ADSP support should also be on the list, and maybe also Radio RDS Info.
We should also think of adding which skins support image resource add-ons, and maybe ronie's script.
And maybe also home screen widgets...

That's my random thoughts. I probably have overlooked certain details, which will be added later Smile
I'm a new user (less than a week).
Very impressed with the power of Kodi, but don't feel comfortable with the fact that when Kodi (for Windows) window is in focus, even in windowed mode, the screen behavior changes from normal Windows - for example, the cursor becomes a big one and moves somewhat differently etc.

I checked the very useful table at Skin_features_compatibility_list (wiki) but miss a very simple information:
is there a skin that keeps the usual Windows visual behavior?
Hello @pstrg and welcome,

You need to be aware that Kodi is not a specific Windows program, it is platform agnostic.

1. It is designed to work on numerous platforms - Android, LInux, Windows etc. Therefore, expecting Kodi to work exactly like Windows can be called discriminatory to the other platforms.
2. Kodi is not designed to be used with a keyboard and mouse. Nor is it designed to be used sitting at a desk while you are typing a letter on MS Word. It is designed with this criteria...
3. If you need to use a mouse, then try the skin eTouchy. It is designed for touchpad and mouse use.

Hope that helps.
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