[MOD] Rapier [MikotoBuild] (for Dharma)
Would like a list of fixes/features to change/add.
Matteius Wrote:Would like a list of fixes/features to change/add.

- move dialogue boxes and reduce size

- programs menu not working

- Music info screen for a playing song is cutoff at top right. It should day "next track:..." I think but all I see is "nex" and then it's cut off

- in iTunes plugin( new one) in lists it should say song - artist but all this skin shows is song. Other skins show song - artist properly.

There might have been some other bugs I mentioned in the thread I'll go over it and get back to you.
Matteius Wrote:Would like a list of fixes/features to change/add.

- add/remove movie posters like in Rapier 2.0 Nerd Big Grin
This may be a silly question but I am unable to see the plot to any of my movies under any of the view options. If i right click on movie and go to movie information it's all there but not sure how to show it. Any ideas? Thanks!

i've a problem with the view option, i can't find the wall view :


As you can see i've only 3 view options. I'm new to xbmc so i certainly miss an option Big Grin
Also, in video/files or addons, background is missing, just black.
reFocus - Simply the best
any updates on a new release of the skin?
Ok so one more issue to address In the skin, hopefully with the releae soon of sn update. I'm running the nightly build of June 8th and when I start xbmc or whenever I go back to menu I get an error script failed recentlyadded.py.

I did not get this with the last stable release but got it with a build from June 3rd as well. Did some recently and apparently the updated version of script needs to be added to skin. I've looked everywhere including some links in the forum post for the script but none of them seem to be worki g so I can't replace manually. Hopefully you will be able to find it and update in skin.
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