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Poor quality mkv playback (blu ray rip) - how to fix?
I basically installed XBMC just to be able to easily toggle subtitles, the one thing I was unhappy with in WMC 7. I didn't think video quality would be an issue but I have to say mkv playback quality is shockingly poor, especially that I'm coming from WMC.
Am running Windows 7 32-bit.

Go here to see image quality:

What should be a smooth image (the Paramount logo in case you're wondering why it looks familiar) actually showing gradation right above the clouds. It's as though the image is being stretched even though the settings are all at their defaults (and aspect ratio is correct, so maybe stretched is the wrong word). The movie is Star Trek and because of that weird pixelated roughness, I couldn't get through the first ten minutes.

What's even more annoying is that I'd be perfectly happy to have XBMC recognize MPC as the default player for all my blu ray mkv rips except XBMC sets it own DVDPLAYER as the default player for that file type, with no way to change it.
Setting up the external player feature for actual Blu-ray folder rips, menus and all, was fairly painless but only because XBMC does not support Blu-Ray folders with menus, so there's no conflict with file association.

On my desktop the default player is MPC - I also have K-Lite Basic installed for various other formats. Either of these gives me way better mkv playback than XBMC, so is there a way to force XBMC to default to these codecs? Or some tweaking that can be done within XBMC?
The version I installed is xbmc-r33778-Dharma_beta2.

Any help would be appreciated -- thanks in advance...!
Actually I figured it out -- I had a slight typo in my playercorefactory.xml file. Now MPC is the default player!

eh, XBMC's not so badSmile
Looks like quite ugly banding yea. that shouldn't happen. Could you post a log of when that is happening?
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Pavtube ByteCopy Bluray to MKV Software: Make lossless backup of Blu-ray movie with all subtitle and audio streams retained.

I use VLC play the lossless MKV files, it's nice.

Poor quality mkv playback (blu ray rip) - how to fix?00