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No support for Banner view for T.V.shows
Ellipsis is a good skin, but it has limited viewing options. The Tv section has no banner view(with info) support, whereas the movie section has only two view options.
Could there be introduction of banner view and more view styles in the future...?
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IIRC, there will be more in the next update, especially regarding viewtypes.
As above poster said,

Ellipsis will see a 1.2 update fairly shortly. After that the next major update, 1.3 has a lot of view types in progress, we asked in the sticky thread what peoples favourite veiw types are and we're going to 'borrow' them for ellipsis 1.3!

It's more than likely that once thats done Ellipsis will only be maintained then and we can move onto our next project...Cool
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No support for Banner view for T.V.shows00